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Pre-Owned Pianos

Just picked up a container of Used Yamaha Pianos!!  Lowest Prices on Yamaha / Kawai pre-owned  pianos.  Many German made pre-owned pianos in
Nice Used Yamaha $3,988.00
In the Gilroy facility
The Gilroy Piano Outlet

Certified Pre-owned Pianos

Steinway Pianos - come and Go!  Call

Steinway Model B - Model O - Model A Come and Go...we sell them at Bargain prices so inventory changes fast! Please Call!
Chippendale Grand

5"10, Cherry Satin

Very beautiful cabinetry, plays beautifully as well.

Retail Price: $42,000

Just Lowered price to: $17,888.00  100% made in Germany

Kawai / Yamaha Pre-owned
85' Yamaha GC-1 WS  $4,888.00 OBO
02' Kawai GM-1 EP $6,888.00 OBO
02 Kawai RX-2 RoseWood OFFER! MINT!
84' Kawai KG-2 WP Offer   Perfect.
88' Kawai RX-1EP  $13,888.00 OBO MINT!
Yamaha U-1 1984  $2,888.00 OBO
Yamaha U-3 1978  $2,988.00 OBO
86' Kawai GE-1 PDS Player $9,888.00

Kawai digital Pianos from just $388. as they come available from the rental fleet.

Kawai and Yamaha Vertical pianos at hey come available from the rental pool, start at $1,288.00 Up.

Many more pianos arriving daily - all stock subjet to previous sale.


Rental Piano
Call for ever changing inventory.  We Sell Pianos!

Contact Information

A McBain-Carnes Piano Store

In Business Since 1920's





391 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128

Gilroy Outlet

8401 F Church st.


Scott McBain - Owner
Darlene West - Manager
Ming Li PHD - International sales Manager
David Dumont -Piano Broker/appraisals (professional pianist)  Player system expert!
 Dennis Wadlington - Piano Advisor (pianist, bass player)

Call 408-248-9200 for today's Piano Special.

 Largest and Oldest Kawai Authorized dealer! Guarantees lowest Price or Piano is Free! Clearance of old Models of up to 50% Off!
*New Models available Now! Call 408-248-9200 Now!

Just Picked up two 'like new' Steinway grand pianos - come in now!  Offered at more than half of new!

Used pianos from free to several thousands can be had by calling our warehouse manager Dennis  at:  408-767-2990

Every Major Brand
Sometimes renting a piano with an option to buy can be better than buying used or new.  Everyone is different and choice is a matter of taste.  We can help you sort out the needs of your family when it comes to pianos.  Rent as long as you like.
We often support local schools and universities, and have pianos that have been loaned and returned now available for sale, call to see what we have in this area of very nice used pianos. pre approved by school or university professors.
Best Price on Kawai / shigeru kawai K-200. K-300 and K-500. GX-2 K.Kawai Grand